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IBD & Stoma Kids


A "thank you" from Jenni Hutchinson
received via our Facebook page re the
IBD & Stoma Kids Get Together
Held a
t the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne
5th April 2014


A very belated thank you to Young Ostomates United for supporting the get together for IBD & Stoma kids at the Royal Children's Hospital a few weeks ago.

It was great to have the opportunity to sit down and have conversations with both current and retired (thanks Lillian) Stomal nurses and to have the opportunity for my son Jack to talk to some one else with a stoma (thanks Helen) this was great opportunity and although numbers were low as a family we got a lot out of it and then had a follow up a few days later with the RCH stoma nurse - best info session we have ever had.

We were given lots of other things to try to get those rotten flanges to stay on a bit longer. Unfortunately as great as it all sounded and we came home with some samples and tricks to try they have not worked for us. Think that 10 year old active boys are just a different shape to bigger people who are less active, so we are still changing the flange daily, at a stretch we occasionally get an extra day.

I think the opportunity to just have that round table conversation is great, although we get to ask questions etc here, to see where the conversation goes and the extra things you can pick up was invaluable. Doctor wise things weren't as positive for us and we are heading back to Melbourne in June for a big talk with doctors as to where we progress too??? Maybe on line asking heaps of questions after that little chat!!

Thank again to YOU for your support.