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Young Ostomates United (YOU) Inc was formed in October 1989.

Our original website was launched in October 1998 and was available until May 2002.

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Literature Reviews

IOA Online - Members Outreach via the Internet.

Ostomy International. Vol.21; No.2; pp:16-18

An article appearing in the most recent IOA Journal looked at some established web sites from around the globe, which are geared toward ostomies. Basically, a list of questions was forwarded to the web-site creators and they were answered via 'the net'. The responses were then collated and published in full in the article.

We are proud to inform you all that our own 'Information Technology (IT) Consultant', Gary Ellett, was part of the interview. While the Y.O.U web-site is relatively new (established 1998), and Gary's first attempt at creating a web-site, he is a professional in the IT area and he has 'done us proud'. After reading the article with its questions and answers from nine different countries, it was apparent that Gary's work in establishing and maintaining the web page has meant that we now have a site which is a resource internationally, providing people with much needed support while enhancing Y.O.U's visibility. The only error in the article is that Y.O.U is a Melbourne based organisation and not NSW based.

The participants in the discussion were from Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hungary, UK, Israel, Holland, USA and of course, Australia. All the web-site addresses for the contributors are also provided in the article. The types of questions asked focussed on: the decision to set up a site; the cost of set up; the length of time that the site has been active; the most popular features of the site; the type of people attracted to the site; the effect of the site on membership; and visitors to the site from other countries.

The European countries have their sites in their own languages of course. This would also be useful for non-English speaking members who may wish to access the information in their own languages. One site is looking at having their site translated and I feel that one day, Y.O.U could offer a similar service given Australia's multicultural population. Some sites have been active for three or four years. Others, like ours are relatively new. The most popular features seem to be access to factual information, such as tips on stoma care, and access to other resources. The Y.O.U web-site offers both these services and also has a Stomal Therapy Nurse to answer all medical questions.

Basically, the article is an informative one for anyone who has access to the Internet, wants to know about setting up a web page or who is simply interested in accessing information about ostomies from around the world. 


Thanks again to Gary.

Jane Panaccio

Resource Coordinator & Editor (Y.O.U)

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