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Young Ostomates United (YOU) Inc was formed in October 1989.

Our original website was launched in October 1998 and was available until May 2002.

We've presented here some of the more popular pages of the original site.

Please click on our logo on any of these original pages to return to our home page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As the last addition to this page was in May 2002, a number of links are no longer active.  These have been highlighted (pink background).  Many sites have changed their URL and these have been updated.  It is important to note that some of the sites listed have been significantly updated/improved since the original reviews were completed.

The following table summarises the site reviews made from October 1998 to the final one in May 2002.  The reviews are listed in rating order, where the rating was based on relevance and use to ostomates  Alternatively, you may access the full archived reviews here.

Reviewed Summary Site
March 2001
A mighty lot of info; something for everyone: Research, Social, Fun, Tips. This place has got everything. Shaz's Ileostomy Page
December 2000
An invaluable lifestyle guide for ostomates and ostomates-to-be. A great place to have questions answered. Living With A Colostomy - A Young Person's Guide
August 2000
A large collection of stories on each of the main issues facing those with a chronic disability, including tips for parents and teachers. BandAides & Blackboards
January 2000
A very comprehensive and honest journal of the issues facing parents with ostomy kids. Personal Experiences & Notes On the Care of a Child with Imperforate Anus
November 1999
Includes statistics on the various types of complications. Well worth a look if you are thinking of having an "Ileal Pouch Reconstruction". The University of Wisconsin Department of Surgery
October 1999
Extremely good and comprehensive, including "Life with an Ostomy", and "Tips and Tricks". The Swiss Ostomy page
October 1998
Lots of information, and lots of sections. A great starting point. Shaz's Page
August 2001
The good oil on the latest research and news in IBD, and a lot of links on ostomies (with good overviews).
September 2000
Describes the different hurdles faced by those with an "invisible" disability, including tips on how friends and family can provide support. Invisible Disabilities Advocate
February 2000
A very comprehensive explanation of the issues facing new ostomates and ostomates-to-be. Ostomy Guide for Daily Living
May 1999
A detailed personal story, explaining a lot about what to expect and how to handle life as an ostomate. Excellent for new ostomates. Jason Dale's Home Page
March 2002
Info and support for J-pouchers, with a good set of dietary guidelines for all ostomates. The J-Pouch Group
January 2002
Lots of pictures, and a comprehensive case study of someone presenting with very severe UC Fulminant Ulcerative Colitis
February 1999
Plenty of humorous stories, that do the job. The IBD Humour Page
November 1998
Lots of information (and stories and book reviews), but not ostomy-specific. Crohn's & Colitis Web Site
December 2001
A UK group with info on IBD research, but little on ostomies. National Association for Colitis and Crohn's disease
June 2001
Mostly geared to helping people feel better about their lot (not ostomy-specific). Everyday Warriors
April 2001
Good shortlist of books on IBD and stomas. Dan's Book Store
November 2000
Government publications, advisory and research programs. Good info on bowel cancer, but not much on stomas. The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)
May 2000
Not Ostomy-specific, but lots of useful information, including an article on pain management. Australian Crohn's & Colitis Association
April 2000
A medical site, with a description of an Ostomy and of an Ostomy-friendly diet. Jackson Gastroenterology
December 1999
Largely a collation of information from other web sites. The IBD Foil Hat
August 1999
Maintains a number of "lists" to help people get in touch with others. The Crohn's, Colitis and Ostomy Meeting Place
March 1999
Easy-to-read medical newsletters. Pouch-o-Gram
January 1999
Surveys and discussions. The Pouch Clip Board
May 2002
A list of the ostomy associations of Queensland, Australia. The Ostomy Associations of Queensland
February 2002
Some info about the bowel and Bowel Cancer and IBS. Nothing on ostomies.
November 2001
Personal account of Cheryl's experience with Ulcerative Colitis. Friends and Angels
September 2001
Info on the "less popular" disorders (eg. Hirschsprung's disease). Good on parenting kids with chronic disorders, but there's not much on stomas. International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders - About Kids
July 2001
A good set of links to other sites, particularly diet and alternative treatments. Crohn's Disease Colitis Source Site
February 2001
A Yahoo! Club for getting in touch with other J-Pouchers. J-Pouch Support Club
January 2001
Stories from parents that have chronic illnesses. Nothing on ostomies. Parenting with an Illness
October 2000
The CD and Ostomy site was re-reviewed after a year, and is still pretty light on content. The IBD and Ostomy Site
July 2000
A light hearted look into the use of Cummerbunds by ostomates. The language can be a bit strong. The Cummerbund Club
June 2000
Not Ostomy-specific, but lots of links to the latest research into Crohn's Disease. Paratuberculosis Awareness & Research Association
March 2000
An ostomate's personal web page. Good looking, but light on content. Candy's Home Page
September 1999
Not much regarding ostomies. Queensland Association for People with Spina Bifida or Hydrocephalus Web site
July 1999
A personal homepage with little sections on Ostomy and on Crohn's Disease. The CD and Ostomy Site
April 1999
Quarterly journals for Stomal Therapy Nurses. The Australian Association of Stomal Therapy Nurses
December 1998
Lots of discussions, but not ostomy-specific. Teens With Crohn's
October 2001
Not many messages. Better alternatives exist. Crohn's Message Board
June 1999
Nothing on Ostomies. International Federation for Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida

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