Helen’s Story

Having a Baby

In writing this I hope to give some reassurance to any female ostomate who is considering having children.

I have recently had my third baby since my ileostomy was performed in 1982. We now have a boy aged nine and a half and two girls, four and a half and eight weeks.

During each pregnancy I was very well. No morning sickness at all, (which was probably good luck more than good management) and no repercussions from the Crohn's Disease. Just the normal tiredness, on and off, like any "normal" pregnant woman. All three babies were delivered by Caesarean Section which had nothing to do with the ileostomy. The doctor even suggested I could have a fourth baby if I felt a need (I have not felt that need just yet).

With the third pregnancy, as with the first, and second, my stoma grew a couple of sizes which only meant I changed the two piece appliance I wear to a bigger size. I figured if I had to alter my top half why not alter the bottom half as well! As my stomach became slightly rounder, changing my appliance became slightly more difficult, so standing in front of a mirror became common practice for a few months. I found I did not have any leakage problems either while pregnant. If I did, it was due to laziness and I have to admit, I have that problem when not pregnant!

All in all, I have had three uneventful pregnancies.

See, we really are very "normal" women aren't we?

Reprinted from YOU Inc's original website (October 1998 - May 2002)

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