Paddy’s Story

Football, Rugby, Swimming & Basketball

Paddy was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in February 2010. The usual symptoms presented and by Easter, there was already concern that he would require surgery because of a poor response to medications. All possible medications were tried, even Infliximab on the basis that his ulcerative colitis was not entirely presenting as it should and just in case it could be Crohn’s. Paddy became progressively unwell and in October 2010 he underwent surgery to remove the large bowel and form an ileostomy.

He returned to school, completed primary school the following year and is now in year 7. He plays football and rugby, swims and has played basketball & tennis. All with an ileostomy, next week Paddy undergoes more surgery to form a J-Pouch.

1st November 2012 Update: Young Paddy did well with his J Pouch, is home already.

The above was presented at the Panel Discussion as part of Y.O.U. Inc's "Let YOU Be Heard" Day (October 2012)

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